ETO Camping Trailer Build- Pt2- Teardown

Before this worn old trailer can be rebuilt into a camping gear trailer it needs to be stripped down to it’s bare frame.  In this minute and half video you get to see about an hours worth of work.  This trailer has lived many lives before I got it- these panels were attached with wood screws, metal roof screws, sheet metal screws, and a little bit of everything in-between.  Glad to have this part of the project finshed- now we know what’s in store for the rest of the project.

The ETO Camping Trailer Build Project

Welcome to the EnjoyTimeOutdoors Camper Trailer Build Project!

Follow along as we transition a worn old landscape trailer into a tricked out camping/outdoor gear trailer rig.

This setup will be perfect for car camping, long-distance travel/camping, boon docking, dry camping, and day trips to our favorite mountain bike and hiking trails, kayaking lakes/rivers, etc.

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