gutter filter installed

Installation complete- ready for the rain!

The gutter foam filter installation is complete! 

Of course, after a long, hot, dry summer, I waited until the first rainy and cold week in autumn to complete this project.

Last fall, in an attempt to keep the drain tiles from clogging up with leaf and twig debris, I installed some aluminum screens in the drains.  While this kept the debris from going down the downspouts, it resulted in the gutters constantly backing up and overflowing.

old drain screens

Drain screens- a failed solution

Before installing the filters I cleaned out the leaves and twigs and hosed out any remaing roof shingle and leaf debris.

The filters slipped right in and expanded to fit like a glove.  I have no concerns about them blowing off during a heavy wind storm, like I would have with the aluminum or snap-on plastic gutter shields.

The four foot sections, which only weigh a few ounces, were very easy to handle and can be cut with a pair of scissors.

So far I like what I’m seeing.  My primary concern is that the top surface might get filled with small debris.  In theory, since the filters fill the gutters all the way to the top, I would think that once they dry out any leaves or catkins will blow off.  Time will tell if this theory holds true.

gutter filter installed- side view

click for a larger view

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