Enjoy Time Outdoors

The Road Ahead for EnjoyTimeOutdoors.com

Here it is Labor Day Weekend already and the seasons are about to change.  As summer winds down time to write magically appears, once again!

When I transitioned from our previous website hosting company to the current (Hostgator) I decided to start anew and didn’t bring over any of the old articles.

On the old site we had a wide variety of outdoors-related items (and some indoor ones too), along with preparedness, prepping, frugal living, homesteading, articles about random muses that captured my interest, plenty of gardening, landscaping, home improvement articles, and more.

When I made the transition,  my thought was to focus this site strictly on outdoors-related things.  After further thought, I’ve decided to return to my roots and let enjoytimeoutdoors.com be what it always was- an eclectic blog full of interesting and varied topics.

Where am I going with this, you ask?

Well, I’m getting my notes, pictures, and videos together for a variety of articles that will be coming at a steady pace- beginning this week.

Some of the topics I’m working on includes:


Apple wine- batch 1

Wine and beer making- a hobby that I’ve recently jumped into with both feet!

Growing Garlic- planting, managing, harvesting, and drying home-grown, organic unbelievably delicious and juicy garlic

Fishing and fish cleaning (an easy and quick way to get the most meat when filleting)

Maple syrup making

Canning,. dehydrating, and food storage/preservation

Cooking recipes

Grape vine management- restoring old overgrown vines- and the journey from there to here


Begin the State Park project (more to come on this soon!)


Clifty Falls State Park, Indiana

And of course- other outdoors stuff- camping, hiking, mountain biking, geo caching, etc.

and more!

So please stay tuned, and sign up for our notifications.  We only sent notifications on Monday, Wednesday, or Fridays, to let you know that new articles are published.

Thank you for following the journey and please let me know what you think or would like to see in the future!

All the best,