Enjoy Time Outdoors

Camping Trailer Project- Game Plan

Welcome to the Enjoytime outdoors Camper Trailer Build Project!


One day this past summer, when planning a camping trip, I was strudonor trailer 1ck by the thought of having a home-made utility trailer for hauling and storing our camping gear.

After several extended YouTube ‘research’ sessions, I stumbled upon several great purpose-built trailers, one of my favorite being Jeff Furr’s trailer build.

The basic objectives for this project were rather simple-

1.) Buy an affordable ‘donor’ trailer off Craigslist

2.) Prep it for my custom build (strip, paint, repair,rewire, etc.)Donor Trailer 2

3.) Build a custom body that didn’t look like every other aluminum utility trailer on the road

4.) Start by keeping in simple- with just the bare essentials, there would be time for enhancements, based on my first-hand feedback

5.) Complete the initial build within eight weeks (to be ready for a pre-planned camping trip)

6.) Complete the initial build for under $1,000- trailer, materials, registration and license plates, etc.

With these simple goals in line- I was off and running!

Please follow along to see how we went from this beat to hell donor trailer to our tricked out road-worthy, one-of-a kind tent camping gear trailer!