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Winemaking Season is Upon Us!

With the change in the weather (thought it’s still hot) and the fall harvest underway, it’s time again for some autumn and winter winemaking.

This is my second year making wine, and wine batches 7 and 8 are in the secondaries.  Batch 7 is a 5 gallon batch of Merlot made from a concentrate kit, my first kit wine, and batch 8 is a 3 gallon batch of estate grown apple wine, my first batch made with whole apples instead of juice.

To kick off the season and to help journal the winemaking sessions/updates for the season, I did my first YouTube Live Stream on Sunday.  the replay is published and can be watched here.

I am curious what you think and your feedback is much appreciated and desired.  Note- I know that the audio is a little low and I’ll be fixing that in future videos.

Thanks and Cheers!


p.s.- if you are interested in checking out the Merlot kit I am making, here it is… it’s delicious!