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Setting Goals for the Goal Setting!

Here we are on Christmas day, quickly approaching yet another new year!

As I’ve been doing for the last dozen or so years, this time of year I sit back and review my past year’s goals, which I wrote down this time last year, and begin to formulate/ update the list for the approaching new year.

Unlike in years past, I’m planning something a little different this time around.  Instead of loading up the list with dozens and dozens of goals, skills, milestones, interests, etc., I have decided to pare down the list to a mere two goals per category.

This is not to say that the rest of the goals are being ignored, or back-burnered, not the case-at all!

Instead, the secondary goals will be ever so slightly woven in the primary goals- as ‘added value’, of a sort.

By taking this approach, I am hoping to concentrate my focus, energy, and time on the big goals- with some low-cost/low-effort value being sprinkled around the minor goals that would have otherwise cluttered the radar and have been half-assed, at best.

I’m also considering something new for this year- publicly sharing my goals (or at least some of them).  This could only help to encourage me to be more accountable and goal-focused as the year progresses on and other things creep up or spark my interest.

Stay tuned (and subscribe) if you are interested in learning more about my goals and how I plan to achieve them.  This experiment should prove interesting!

The past several years have been very productive, and 2017 looks to follow that pattern!